How Much Bathroom Remodeling Cost In 2022?

Avarage bathroom remodel cost in 2022 The average bathroom remodel cost in 2022 depends on many factors, including size, design, and material. Here we will go through all the factors of bathroom remodel cost.

Bathrooms are an essential feature in the home. Remodeling your bathroom to match your style or taste is one of the most excellent returns on investment within the home. 

bathroom remodel cost

In America, it may cost you an average of $10,000; however, the actual range is between $6,000 and $14,000 depending on factors like what state and level of remodeling you wish to implement.

This article reviews the breakdown of a bathroom remodeling cost and factors that contribute to or impact the cost of remodeling. The article also analyses the difference between bathroom remodeling and renovation, which often needs clarification.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Factors

Like most projects, some factors, directly and indirectly, impact the project’s success. In this scenario, some factors affect the cost of remodeling your bathroom.

There is no limit to what we can desire or have a taste for. However, it may cost you quite a bit of money. There are no limits to designs and luxury parts that can be installed in the bathrooms; it all boils down to your taste. So what are these factors?

1. Cabinets

The cabinets could also impact your cost of remodeling the bathroom. There are different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes of cabinets. Choosing your ideal cabinet will impact your cost.

2. Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing is another factor that affects the cost of remodeling. You will find different designs in the market, and you could also find different models, but getting the right fit for your bathroom is what impacts the cost of remodeling.

3. Flooring

You may use at least two different floorings in your bathroom. You could change the shower floors and the bathroom floors. Floors can cause significant differences in cost, and the type of floors you use could also affect the cost of remodeling your bathroom.

4. Other Things to Consider 

Apart from the things mentioned above, wall decorations, modern light fixtures, fancy mirrors, and many more things to consider will add more cost while remodeling your bathroom. 

Bathroom Remodels Cost Breakdown

You will quickly find that the breakdown costs of remodeling your bathroom depend significantly on the abovementioned factors. In addition to those factors mentioned, you also need to consider other fixtures such as the size of the room, material quality, number of ad-ons, Paint, color, theme, etc.

The budgets can range between $6,000 and $14,000 for a mid-level budget. It can go as high as $20,000 and as low as $2,000. In breaking down the cost of bathroom remodeling, there are eight standard features we will look at in this article.


Countertops play a crucial role in the bathroom. They are used to hold or house items such as toothbrushes or toothpaste. When deciding on your countertops, consider your needs. If the countertops would be holding heavier items, you may want to get a more sturdy countertop.

While durability is important, it can be off the level of the kitchen countertops, although that would not hurt. Laminated countertops are an excellent choice for bathroom remodel DIYers, primarily because of their lower cost and easier installation. It can cost anywhere from $400 to $1000 for lower-level budgets and as high as $10,000.


Showers have a wide range in their cost. It can go for as low as $100. Depending on the shower type, the price can reach thousands of dollars. To get the best out of your shower head, the features (e.g., hot or cold) and the materials are essential to get the best out of remodeling your home.


Cabinets are standard, and there are cheaper and more expensive ones. The material of your cabinet can be the difference in the cost of your cabinet. The color and Paint also matter. 

Typically the cabinets can be pretty tricky to install, which also adds to the price. A good cabinet can be anywhere from $1,000 and $10,000.


Surprisingly this is one of the cheapest items in the bathroom. It can go for as low as $80. The installation is cheap as well. Though toilets are cheap, high-end toilets could go for as high as $8,200. Customized and fancier toilets can go for more.


The flooring cost heavily depends on the bathroom’s size and the material used. Typically bathroom floors use tiles, and the tiles differ in price. There are also floorings like wood and linoleum.

Budget-friendly floors like linoleum can cost as low as $50, wood flooring can cost as much as $500, and tiles can get into the thousands of dollars range. Always identify the floorings you prefer before deciding what you want to implement.


You must have a successful bathroom remodeling by factoring painting into your budget. 

The right Paint would give you the most value for your money in the remodeling project. Paint brings it all together for your bathroom. It can cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000 for a low- to mid-level painting project.

The type of Paint, color, and room size all factor into the overall cost of remodeling. Painting can be fun, but if you find it too challenging, you may want to hire a professional and expect a modest upcharge. Depending on the location, they can charge as much as $1,000 or $2,000.


Your bathroom vanities typically include bathroom counters, sink faucets, shower faucets, mirrors, sinks, and cabinets.

Bathroom vanities are critical when remodeling the bathroom; they bring life to the bathroom and the Paint. You can also add others, like flowers, carpets, and more. The bathroom vanities can cost anywhere from $50 or lower. The more expensive vanities can cost as much as $1,000 or more.

Lightning and Ventilation

You can get lighting fixtures easily online or at home stores. If you go to the lighting stores, they will assist you in picking out the proper lighting at the best prices. The staff could also help you with the installation process. Lightning could cost anywhere from $100 and $500.

Getting the proper ventilation is also necessary; it could cost anywhere from $200.


Unlike other items in the bathroom, during remodeling, you have the required knowledge of certain fixtures you don’t accept. One of those fixtures is plumbing. It would help if you had a plumbing professional, but they cost a lot.

Plumbing is one of the most expensive fixtures in the bathroom, mainly because of the need for a plumbing professional, which costs quite a bit. Plumbing of the toilet and showers must be done well to prevent the bathroom from getting messed up or soaked.

Bathroom Remodels Labor Cost

While most people can try to do the work themselves, some professionals help do all the remodeling work, but they come at a cost. The article mentions that the cost depends on the city or location.

Professionals can charge you closer to $10,000 or maybe more for a complete remodeling project. It could be more for high-end bathroom modeling projects.

Labor costs are essential, and they should be noticed when creating a bathroom remodeling cost, even if you have to do some and leave others to the professionals like Plumbers.

Bathroom Remodel Cost: Low to High

There are generally three types of bathroom remodeling costs when considering remodeling the bathroom. There is the lower cost, the average cost, and the premium cost. Knowing the class of your remodeling budget is a great way to begin. It will help guide your decisions, helping you make the right choices.

1. Low-cost budget

These budgets range from $2,000 to just below $6,000; this budget usually entails using less expensive and often less flashy materials. It is important to note that a low budget or less expensive doesn’t equate to lower quality.

You can remodel your bathroom on a low budget while getting the best out of it quality-wise. Items like cabinets, sinks, and countertops can be affordable yet boast exceptional quality. Flooring is another aspect that can play a huge role. Typically if you are going for the lower budget, it is best to get the linoleum floor. The size of the bathroom matters as well.

2. Average budget

The average budget ranges between $6,000 and just below $10,000. This budget is for individuals with a more oversized bathroom who wants to be a bit flasher but not so much. The floors here can include tiles or wood, but the size of the bathroom would play a massive role in the budgeting.

On this budget, you can splash a little, especially on vanity items, but you don’t necessarily have to go overboard. Items such as cabinets, countertops, and lighting can also be moderately priced.

3. Premium budget

This budget would typically cost between $10,000 and above. You can go as high as you want. In this budget, every item is premium, from the flooring to the other items in the bathroom. The bathtubs, toilets, and showers all come at steep prices.

The professionals working on this bathroom would typically charge more, especially if they have to handle the items carefully. The premium budget is excellent for anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000.

Average Bathroom Remodel Cost Per Square Foot

Other than the size, some factors play a role in this. The Average size of a bathroom in the United States is between 120 and 210 square feet. That is about 150 square feet on average.

Compared to the size and price range, the average cost per square foot would get anywhere from $300 to $500. This price also factors in costs like cabinets, countertops, vanity, and other items in the bathroom.

What is the difference between Bathroom Renovation and Bathroom Remodel?

There is one significant difference between bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom remodeling has to do with changing the form of the bathroom. It could mean alterations to the bathroom design, shape, size, and structure. It could be done by switching items in the bathroom, like the shower, toilets, etc.

Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom renovation focuses on restoring a bathroom. Bathroom renovations are done when the bathroom has deteriorated and needs repairs. It is the restoration of the bathroom without changing its size, shape, structure, and design of the bathroom.

Is bathroom remodeling a good return on investment?

Bathroom remodeling is an excellent return on investment for a variety of reasons. Although we don’t spend too much time in the bathroom, we generally want our bathroom to look great and neat.

On the financial side of it, bathroom remodeling can up the value of the home anywhere from 3 to 5%. It helps when you want to sell the house or rent it out.

On the lifestyle end, over 90% of homeowners reported an increase in quality of life after a home renovation or remodeling that included the bathroom.

So yeah, it is an excellent return on investment.

Can I change the floor plan for bathroom remodeling? 

In most cases, there is a great possibility. However, it can be daunting, and hiring professionals can be pretty expensive. The type of flooring you use also plays a huge role.

If you live in a six or seven-storied building and all the apartments have the exact bathroom location, then it will be challenging to change the floor plan or the shape of your bathroom. 

But if you live in your duplex building where all the bathrooms are custom-made, it is possible to change the floor plan. 


Remodeling your bathroom is as great a financial investment as a personal investment. There are so many factors to consider when remodeling your bathroom. They have been discussed throughout this article. For example, before remodeling, your budget would play a significant role in the remodeling process and your vision for the aesthetics.

You should also have a design or structural layout to help guide your remodeling process. Remodeling is also good if you are looking at a total makeover of the home.

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